Machli - Lady of The Lakes

She is the most famous tiger in the world. A natural fighter, but also a loyal, loving mother.

The Resident Tigress of The Area

Machli was, until recently, the resident tigress of the area around the famous Ranthambhore Fort and lakes.

The world's most famous and photographed tiger

Machli has become the talisman of the forests in these parts, and she has over the years among the top draws for the tourists coming in droves every year.

A Few Words About Machli

  • Ranthambhore in Rajasthan is famous the world over for being home to the majestic Bengal Tigers, and the undisputed royalty among the tigers is the tigress Machli who has ruled these parts for many years. She has been the pride of Ranthambhore National park, and had ruled over her vast territories by making the forts, palaces, and the lakes her strongholds.

    In fact, the water bodies in the national park have been for quite a while the most likely location to spot this famous tigress, and this has earned the sobriquet of ‘Lady of the Lake’. Our wilderness home in Ranthambhore takes after the name this legendary tigress because of the impact she had upon us through her majestic presence that made us value wildlife more than ever before.

    Machli has become the talisman of the forests in these parts, and she has over the years among the top draws for the tourists coming in droves every year. Even though she is the oldest surviving tigress in India at the moment, and well past her prime, the very mention of her name is enough to rouse interest among the ardent lovers of wildlife. At her prime, she used to draw admiring glances from everyone because of her muscular build and regal stature, which made her the undisputed Queen in these forests. In fact, she was powerful and aggressive enough to successfully defend her territory, as well as, protect her cubs from male tigers, which used to scamper back at her very sight. Machli these days is only a faint shadow of her regal past, and she has lost all her tooth and much of her territory. However, she still remains legendary because of her famous fight with a 14 feet crocodile, which was the first of its kind to have been recorded in the country.

    Machli has also enriched the tiger population of the park by giving birth to a number of cubs, with one of her litters being used to repopulate the Sariska Tiger Reserve, which sadly lost its entire tiger population in an earlier incident. Thus, the legacy of Machli who has ruled the entire Ranthambhore National park for over a decade with her muscular stature and powerful presence is set to live through her daughters and their cubs in the Sariska Tiger reserve as well.

    The Machli Wilderness Home is our way of paying tribute to this legendary resident of this national park of indescribable beauty. Our facilities will provide excellent quality accommodation to the lovers of wildlife, as well as, an opportunity to spend time with others who dedicated their entire life for the betterment of the wildlife that about in these forests. On top of that, we provide excellent quality home like food that will make the stay at Machli that much more memorable and intimate to our guests. Come and enjoy the wonder that is Ranthambhore national park, and her most famous resident, Machli.