Birding in Ranthambhore

Due to its varied terrain and abundance of water bodies around 300 species of birds are found here.

Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tigers are the most famous around globe and Ranthambhore National Park is famous for watching them in their natural habitat.

Monuments and Tigers

Ranthambhore is famous for it's co-existence of heritage and wildlife.

A Few Words About Us

  • Machli, the wilderness home, is much more than business venture for the people behind it, and is more of a fruit of our passion to provide the best of travel experience to our guests during their stay at Ranthambhore National Park. We have always felt a connection with the nature, and our aim has been to raise awareness among our guests regarding the natural splendour of India and how best to preserve it.

    We left our successful jobs in a wide variety of sectors such as IT, Finance, Bank, and media to set up this unique wilderness home, and name it after the most famous resident in these parts, Machli the imperial tigress. Our motto from day one has been to put up with no compromises when it comes to providing the best of what Ranthambhore and its many sights and sounds have to offer to the travellers.

    Our dream has been to provide the most fulfilling wildlife tour of these parts to our guests, and we are proud to have transformed that dream into reality. A part of our dream has been about providing the most holistic experience to our guests, in the form of activities we provide to them that involves soaking in the myriad adventures that this place has in store for its visitors.

    We have further ensured that the food we provide to our guests seems to them like homemade food, which is essential for providing the complete range of experience we sought for our guests. We strongly believe in pursuing our venture into wildlife tourism with all our heart, and the smile we put on the face of our patrons is the biggest reward that we could ever dream of while starting this venture.